Content markeing Strategy

Content marketing is extremely important, but it is more than just text on a page. You must consider the visual elements, as well, and how powerful they can be in the context of your content marketing. The presence of photos and videos within your blog posts, marketing campaigns, and other content can grab website visitors’ attention and keep them on the page.

Content Marketing Strategy Organization

When creating your content marketing strategy, you must prioritize the different elements of that strategy. For instance:

  • Know what type of content is effective and what isn’t.
  • Create engaging text based on what people find interesting.
  • Add videos, photos, infographics, and graphs to engage the visitor.
  • Find better ways to repurpose your content.
  • Optimize your content so it is friendly for search engines and people.

When you consider these five points while building your content marketing strategy, you are more likely to make sure the content on every page is well rounded. Of course, the exact steps that you take may depend on your target audience and on what you want to achieve. However, keep in mind that you don’t want to overwhelm a page with visuals, or the text will not be a priority to the visitor. You want a healthy balance so that the page is neat and so the visitor doesn’t lose sight of the value the page has to offer.

Visuals to Consider

There are different visuals you want to consider. The first is the infographic. People love infographics because they combine informational text and graphics. You can also bring more color to blog posts and your website. More color can influence how well users respond to your pages. Another way to make users respond in a positive way is to place relevant images within a post to explain something. For example, a post explaining something step by step is going to engage the reader more if there are photos or screenshots demonstrating the process.

The fact is that visuals have become more important than ever in content. Over the years, content has gone from being short blocks of text on a page that didn’t exceed 350 to 400 words to text of any length accompanied by entertaining images that bring the text to life. People starve for information, but pages that contain just text can seem daunting to them before they ever start reading. Add visuals, and they are more likely to see what the page has to offer.


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